Civil Celebrant for Weddings, Baby Namings and Funerals in Coffs Harbour & North Coast - Donna Whitehouse-Pike

Introducing Donna Whitehouse-Pike

Donna Whitehouse-Pike is a Civil Celebrant based in Coffs Harbour on the stunning New South Wales North Coast.

She performs weddings both locally and in other areas if requested, and is sought-after for her warm and personal services, written to capture each couple’s individual love story.

“I want to be more than just a celebrant - each time I work with a couple I set out to create something special and romantic. By handwriting each ceremony, I can weave in those stories, those memories that bind the couple together.”

Wedding CeremonyUsing this wonderful, warm emotion, Donna writes a ceremony that is memorable, romantic and created just for you.

“The nuptial vows are the most important part of the service,” Donna explains.

“When couples wish to write their own vows, I am more than happy to help, listen to their needs and provide suggestions. However most couples like me to write their vows for them, using their own, loving words.

“I use a special technique that not only allows me to learn about a couple’s relationship, it also allows me to extract their words and true emotions. I carefully select some of the couples own beautiful words, feelings and emotions to create very romantic, personal vows and commitments.”

Using this technique, Donna shapes a ceremony that is very individual and totally captures a couple’s true love for each other.

Be at ease

There’s enough to worry about on your wedding day, without added stress, so it is very important that your celebrant puts you at ease and that you feel they are reliable.

Donna believes being organised well in advance is the key to ensuring a couple that is relaxed and calm. She holds pre-wedding interviews to ensure you are fully informed and all the necessary preparations are made. Donna is happy to handle all of the paperwork, from the Notice Of Intended Marriage, to the Wedding Certificate. By using the automatic online registration process, Donna ensures your marriage is lodged and official the day you are married.

Personal touch

It’s the little things that make your wedding day so special - Donna adds a personal touch to each ceremony. To help the couple remember their special day, a small gift from Donna is placed in each couple's wedding certificate on their Wedding Day!

Get to know your celebrant

Civil Marriage Celebrants each bring a different style and approach to the weddings they perform. As a bride, you wouldn’t feel happy wearing a dress that didn’t feel right. In the same way, different celebrants suit different couples, so it’s important you select someone that understand you and the style of ceremony you are dreaming of.

Also, be sure to find out how many weddings the celebrant will perform on your wedding day - some will commit to several ceremonies.

“I limit myself to two - one in the morning and the other in the afternoon - to make sure I am always totally prepared for my clients,” Donna says.

Discover what Donna can offer on your wedding day by taking a look at some of the photographs and testimonials on this website. You’ll get a feel for the romance and individuality Donna brings to all her weddings and you’ll begin to imagine what a memorable wedding she can put together for you.


Book your celebrant early. Many popular celebrants are booked ahead of time. Also, please remember a celebrant needs no less than one Month and one day prior to your wedding day, to complete your Notice Of Intended Marriage.


It is important to consider how much your celebrant will charge and discuss this at the first meeting. Remember though, that the celebrant is a critical legal element of your wedding day. Compare the cost of your celebrant to the cost of your wedding dress or reception and you will appreciate how reasonable the price is.

The celebrant fee will usually include all necessary government paperwork, however may not include things like: Computerised lodgment of the paperwork, Cordless PA, A-Frame Bride & Groom Announcement Board, Several Celebrant Meetings, Rehearsal, Table & Chairs, Travel, Phone Calls, E-mails, etc. So be sure to ask what is, and isn’t included at your first meeting with the celebrant.

“After paying the initial booking fee, I allow my clients to pay the rest of their account in any way and in any time frame that best suits them, right up until the wedding date,” Donna said.